Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Playing Basketball With Josh and Lindsey

I took so many pictures of Dad and his visit I completely filled up my camera card! The sad part is something happened to the card and it quit working. We lost all the pictures! Over 300! Bummer.

My mom thought the 4 GB card was trash, too, but she found a program online that restored it, but still hasn't gotten the pictures back. At least I can still take pictures, but all the stuff I was going to show you about Dad's visit is GONE. Sorry.

So, looking through pictures I do have I thought I'd show you some videos of Josh, Lindsey and myself playing B-ball. It was such a nice day (in the middle of February!) . The first one shows me making a basket, the second one is funny because Josh is teasing Lindsey and she laughs ALOT. I like that about her! Lindsey is really good at basketball, too! It was one of the most fun days EVER.

One warning, you might want to turn down the volume because the wind made alot of noise in the camera while taping. But don't turn it off if you want to hear Lindsey laugh!

Making a basket!

Josh teasing Lindsey to make her laugh even more!

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  1. I love these videos! Nice job, Ben, making that basket. So good to see you having fun with your family. It doesn't get any better than that :o) Sorry to hear about the pictures that were lost. I'm sure it's good to have dad back home! It was good to talk to you on the phone the other day, too! I love you, Ben, say Hi to mom, dad, and family for me! Aunt Cindy